Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's been a while since my last post - the Tea World has been keeping my rather busy, which is always nice.

We rolled out our newest Tea for testing last week -- "Spicy Chocolate" Tea.  We're using twenty testers with this tea, all of which are men.  Yes, lots of ladies are trying this one by since this tea has a woodsy sweetness to it we wanted to see what the men think.  Amazingly, sixteen gave us feedback almost immediately, all positive.  The remaining four said they liked it, had great flavor but they really weren't tea drinkers.  Over half the men we asked to test the tea  were not tea drinkers.  We were so very pleased with all the feedback from the men, hat we decided to just hand out samples to friends and associates.  Eighty percent of the feedback has been positive.  We also enjoy the not so positives and learn from those comments too/

The great thing about the Spicy Chocolate is it's wonderful hot, but it's oh so delicate and lush cold. I actually used it in chocolate cupcakes and to my surprise the cupcakes were awesome!  We may have another winner on our hands, which would please me very much.

....And on a Tea Party Note:  As spring arrives across the south, many turn their thoughts to planning spring Tea Parties.  Of course who doesn't love a beautiful spring tablescape, and tea with friends? We are expanding our spring party venue and menu catalog and would love to hear from you,  please feel free to post your suggestions or ideas.

Until next time, make it a "la TEA da" kind of day!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snowy Days & Tiffany's

I have an upcoming Tea Party for sixty Sorority Sisters, our theme is "A Day At Tiffany's" ... yes Tiffany's!

I've been working on the Tablescapes, after a long day at the office my mind begins to wander and I see Tiffany's blue, white, sterling, crystals, elegance and snow.  Why snow you might ask?  It's still winter, snow is falling and what could be more lush than Tiffany's luxury by a roaring fire, surround by crystal, fine china, elegant silver, a custom blend Tiffany's tea and amazing friends.  Ever so lush, decadent and luxurious - going to have to take my time while planning this tea-party.  I want to girls from the Sorority House to talk about it for a long time to come!

Now that's a la TEA da kind of day!